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        Animal Identification
        Premises Identification
        Animal Movement

        Canada’s traceability program, led by the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency is designed and developed for the containment and eradication of animal disease.

        CLTS MOBO

        A free and portable version of the CLTS for mobile devices.

        CLTS Lite

        No high speed internet? No problem! The CLTS Lite is made for you.

        CLTS Login

        Explore a national traceability database, the Canadian Livestock Tracking System.

        CLTS Resource Centre

        Learn how to use the CLTS easily and effectively.

        Canadian Cattle Identification Agency

        Learn more about traceability and the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency.

        Premises ID

        A Premises Identification number is a way of linking livestock to land location.

        Order Tags

        The web store offers a wide variety of products, competitive prices and all approved tag brands in one place.

        Tag and Tag Accessories Catalogue

        Your one-stop, digital shop, open 24-7 for all things tag related.

        CLTS Statistics (as of June 13, 2022)

        # of Tags Sold

        Valid Premises IDs

        Move In

        Move Out

        Copyright @ Canadian Cattle Identification Agency


        Supply Chain Issues

        Supply chain issues are continuing to affect availability of livestock identification devices.?CDMV (CCIA’s distributor) is receiving weekly shipments, but not at a normal rate to keep up with demand. As a result, some products are still back ordered.

        It is important to remember to place your order on the?slot joker แจกเครดิตฟรีeven if your selected products show as ‘Back Order”. By placing your order, you secure your place in the queue, and it will be filled in sequence as soon as there is availability.

        Some CCIA Authorized Tag Dealers have inventory in store, you may want to check with your local retailers. Consult the list to find the nearest ones to you: http://www.ntoheg.icu/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Dealer-List.pdf

        Also, please note to ensure fair distribution, some products are subject to a weekly purchase allotment until adequate supplies are available.

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